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/// Guided visits

Guided visits are available to show you around the scenographic circuit.

They can be booked in advance and their content adapted.

The heritage division organises tours of the castle and town run by accredited guides. If you book in advance it is possible to specify the theme of your visit.

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/// Audio-guide visit

Audio-guides are available explaining the history of the castle and of the Marches of Brittany, plunging you into the period of castles, wars, and the daily life of men and women in the Middle Ages. They tell the story of Fougères castle and its architecture with the atmosphere of each room recreated by context (medieval music, the sounds of daily life, war cries, the tales of medieval chroniclers, and so on).
These guides are available in five languages (French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian) and are free of charge, enabling each visitor to go around as they please.

/// Visits for children: the book of enigmas

There is a special circuit for 7 – to 12-year-olds (with audio-guides) to explore the history of Fougères castle in a fun and entertaining way.
Two mascots, Melusin and Melusa, guide the children right around the castle.
Ten or so books of enigmas each reveal a new stage in the medieval adventure.
A key enables them to find the solution to each enigma.

/// Visitors’ document

A free booklet is available at the entrance to help you find your way around the vast enclosure.

/// Groups and school parties

It is possible to book visits from a list of set themes or else on a requested topic. This is by reservation only to ensure that groups are spread out over the course of the day for the comfort of all visitors.
The number of people in the group must be between 25 and a maximum of 30 depending upon the circuit.

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