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A medley of gift ideas from the gift and book shop

You will find a wide selection of books, decorative objects, art objects, games, and wooden toys - something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

A few examples

Medieval cookery

Why not try our medieval flavoured tisanes, such as le Jardin des Simples; Le Passe Brouet; Le Secret d'Hildegarde... You could serve them with our Medieval recipes or buy our aperitif with medieval spices for a friend.

Art objects

Discover our boxed sets of ink stamps depicting the towers of the castle and knights attacking the fortress, or else simply a clay key ring emblazoned Fabuleux Château de Fougères

Ethical and useful toys

Our crafted wooden toys (swords, medallions, etc.) are made from solid poplar and are child friendly, environmentally friendly, and create jobs for unemployed disabled workers.

Fun, sustainable products

Textiles (children’s tee-shirts, bags for adults and children, etc.) are made from accredited organic cotton in India on fair trade principles.


Close-Up On Some Works In The Bookshop


Les Chroniques des Jours ordinaires dans les Marches de France et de Bretagne


Historian and senior teacher (agrégé).

About the scenographic circuit of Fougères Castle.

These Chroniques bring to life the story of fabulous Fougères Castle in the Marches of Brittany in the 15th century.

(30 euros).


Un été à Fougères.


The author, who worked on illustrations for the scenographic circuit of the castle, presents her own personal vision of Fougères one summer’s day, and a colourful tour of the town.

(18 euros)

Souvenir medallion

Fougères Castle presents an original souvenir medallion depicting one of the imposing 15th-century artillery towers, the "Raoul II Tower", the symbol of the Fougères Castle, a textbook example of military architecture defending the Marches of Brittany.
This medallion is on sale to the public in the castle shop:
Price: 2€
The heritage division also organises regular postal shipments for collectors.

If you wish to receive a medallion please write to the following address:
Service Patrimoine et Tourisme
2, Rue Porte Saint Léonard
BP 60111
Please clearly state:
- the delivery address
- the number of medallions you require

Payment methods:
- please send a French cheque for €2 per medallion made out to the Trésor Public
- do not forget to send appropriate packaging and correct postage (each medallion weighs 16 grams)

Shipments are sent out every month.
If you wish to check that your order has been duly received you can contact the castle switchboard (+33 (0)2 99 99 79 59).

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