Accessibility / handicaps

The scenographic visit takes place on a medieval site imposing severe constraints in terms of accessibility.
People suffering from a handicap or with reduced mobility may be unable to visit the entire scenographic site. However, access work has been carried out within the enclosure of the castle to facilitate their visit.

/// Access to upper floors open to visitors

The town authorities have granted special authorisation for an elevating platform to enable visits with motor handicaps to go around the building open to visitors and to access:

- toilets for disabled people, complying with current disability access standards
- places open to group visits
(it is possible to enter via rue de la fourchette behind the building)
- the video room, the first room of the scenographic visit situated beneath the welcome desk.

/// Hearing-impaired visitors

Induction loops
The audio-guide visits improve accessibility for people with a hearing impairment or hearing aid.
The keypads of the audio-guide meet specific ergonomic standards.
The town authorities have acquired induction loops to amplify the sound.
Welcome desk terminal
There is an amplification terminal at the welcome area to help hearing-impaired visitors.

/// Tactile model

“In addition to helping non-sighted visitors, the tactile model presents advantages for all visitors. (…)For a blind person, touching the model is a way of touching the building itself and of discovering architectural elements such as vaults, pilasters and cornices on the reduced model.
A blind person can also touch certain materials directly on the monument when possible.
For sighted visitors the model brings out certain details that many people might otherwise fail to notice. It is a way of experiencing things differently.
It is an excellent educational tool for children who, by dismantling and touching it and seeing things in plan and in volume, are able to understand the architecture more easily.”

ARCHI-TACT (creator of the tactile model of the Artillery Tower).


The tactile model in the Raoul II Tower is of the Artillery Tower of Fougères castle. This tower is one of the most technically skilled and most impressive feats of military architecture and the model offers an entertaining way to learn about the art of military defence.

/// Room for disabled visitors – lower room of the Raoul Tower

A special ‘accessibility’ room has been devised in one of the scenographic towers of the castle. Visitors who are physically unable to explore the whole of the scenographic circuit can get an overall presentation of the circuit, and absorb the magical atmosphere of a place steeped in history.

This room offers a comfortable way for all visitors to discover part of the scenography, and can be used by school groups, older visitors who do not wish to climb up the towers, and people with pushchairs, for instance.

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