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La place du marchix
Crédit : Ville de Fougères

With a rich heritage spanning over a thousand years, Fougères was awarded City of Art and History status in 1985. Awarded by the Ministry of Culture, this status assures visitors that they can expect a certain quality of service, with tours led by a team of expert guides. Take a stroll or join a guided tour, and discover the hidden treasures of this historic town! In the medieval quarter, half-timbered houses sit alongside the remains of wool and bark mills, relics of a thriving craft centre on the banks of the River Nançon.








une maison à Fougères
Crédit : Ville de Fougères

The Old Town, nestled behind the medieval fortifications, is packed with 18th-century townhouses, the oldest belfry in Brittany, a majestic theatre and plenty of little surprises... In the heart of the town, a house which boasts Fougères' last surviving medieval porch now houses a museum dedicated to Emmanuel de la Villéon, an impressionist painter born and raised here.











Eglise Bonabry
Crédit : Ville de Fougères

The town's industrial core spreads out around the Bonabry church. At the height of the Industrial Revolution, this area was a thriving hub of shoe factories, workshops and warehouses, along with the opulent houses of their owners and the more modest lodgings of their workers. Some of these workshops still retain their sumptuous ornamentation, intended to reflect Fougères' reputation as the "Shoe Capital of France."

Follow the winding banks of the river through these colourful streets, and discover a new page in the town's storied history!

Les frontières de la Bretagne au XV siècle

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Les frontières de la Bretagne au XV siècle